StratecognRE relies on its team’s concerted involvement in and experience of, the telecoms and network driven explosion in the 90s and the parallel developments, into the Millennium of the www-to-IT-to-CLOUD-to-digitalisation-to-Big Data-to-AI and to unmarred sustainability of environment, climate, RES and energy-savvy industry, societies and people.

Leadership Team

George C. Pantelemides


George, having being born in a Greek industrial family, of machine manufacturing and metal engineering, developed from his early life a highly analytical, disruptive and creative approach to ‘problems’ needing crunching, the world, economies and companies.

He read Classics at college and Economics and History, in Thessaloniki, Greece, and Bristol, UK, universities, respectively. Driven by his insatiable curiosity and daring thinking and living in London (for almost 20 years) he excelled in market analysis and market strategies, he was engaged and involved in as diverse industries as furniture manufacturing, hotel management, high fashion retailing and commercial real estate, gravitating towards merchant banking, engaged with which he was sent to Greece and Poland. Eventually he returned to Greece, engaged predominately, in cutting edge telecoms and IT technologies. He established a telecommunications and networking systems’ integrating company, which was responsible for the first VPNs in Greece (Newbridge and Timeplex), the introduction of IVR systems, EDI and automated banking machines (Ascom) and, finally, satellite infrastructure for military use (Greek NATO Armed Forces) and civilian use (Internet access provider to the Middle East) use and services and he has traveled widely in Europe, North Africa and Asia.

His interests gravitating towards RES and the environment, he undertook, first as partner in Franco ENgineering Ltd. and later as cofounder of StratecognRE Ltd., system integration, project management and finance consulting in the industries of renewable energy, the environment and rail transport and its reinvention, to which StratecognRE is currently engaged. In 2019, large scale hotel and condominium planning remaining one of George’s most favoured pursuits, StratecognRE established a new company, Properton-Med Ltd. engaged with this and the redevelopment of real estate in Central Athens and its reinvention as a city-break and high-level business destination.


Eythimios Papapostolou

 Makis, an Imperial College London engineer (through both ICL undergraduate and postgraduate full courses), gravitated from the beginnig to a managerial career, occupying positions of responsibility in technology driven, dominant and almost invariably international, companies, predominately Telcos.

His career is crowned by his reaching the highest echelons in their management hierarchy, up to CEO levels, before concentrating in his present consulting engagements. His managerial positions in such companies, took him across Europe, Africa and Asia, supporting the improvement of their financial performance by revisiting the way they dealt with their cost drivers and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their working practices, an involvement from which he gained an in-depth spherical understanding of how to manage change, applied upon diverse business cultures and technological ecosystems.
He currently works in London, where his knowledge and talents benefit his current London assignment.

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