Today’s business’ paradigm shifts in opportunities and challenges are unprecedented. For StratecognRE, transforming in a proactive and not reactive manner is not an afterthought, it is a business imperative.

Transport, Transit & Logistics

StratecognRe has been consulting companies of the Greek railways transportation system for the last three years and its currently engaged at EESSTY S.A., the recently privatised railways rolling stock maintenance company, acquired by TRAINOSE S.A. a dominant Greek RU and a 100% subsidiary of Ferrovia dello Stato Italiano, the Italian IM, an engagement still in progress. In the recent past has also been engaged by OSE S.A. the Greek IM, for which StratecognRe has produced a study on its business development and the strategy for financing its development plans.

Tourism & Hotels

StratecognRe and its principles have been active in the hotel and hospitality industry across the world and have been engaged by Greek conglomerate in the master planning of a development of a 400 bed seas-side hotel, health, conferencing and 450 serviced / managed villas condominium centre in the Peloponnese. Consequently StratecognRe, form a new company Properton-Med Ltd.  to further this and similar projects, as well as to develop major central Athens real estate, previously dedicated to office space use, through its reengineering and architectural redevelopment, towards a more tourism and hospitality-oriented uses. Properton-Med would direct and project manage this redevelopment and would be involved in the eventual management of the redeveloped properties’ operation.


Renewable Energy

StratecognRe, and/or its principles, G. C. Pantelemides, as co-CEO and D.K. Psachoulias, as General Manager of Franco Sustainability Engineering, and its network of associates have been engaged by major Greek conglomerates on RES projects, ranging from Photovoltaic, to Thermosolar, to Biogas, to Aeolic power and to energy crops.

Regional Development

StratecognRe has been engaged in the preparation and submission of various proposals to Regional Authorities in Greece and China, regarding RES, recycling and resort / condominium developments.


StratecognRe, its principles have all been involved in Telecoms in Greece and abroad.
G. C. Pantelemides, as CEO and D.K. Psachoulias, as General Manager of Intelco S.A., engineered, maintained and supported the satellite telecommunications of the Greek armed Forces, part of NATO led peace keeping forces, around the world, and as, VP Business Development and Sales Manager, respectively of Comtonet S.A., engineered and expanded Comtonet’s presence in the Middle East, as provider of Internet and VoIP access in the region, taking it from a turnover of under
US$ 60K per month, to over US£ 700K per month, in less than 12 months. E. Papapostolou, has been engaged, as senior executive officer in telecoms in Greece and abroad, starting from Cosmote, the mobile provider of Greek and Balkan dominance, OTENET, the principle Internet provider, Romtelecom, part of the DT giant, as procurement director and Telcos in Central
Asia and the Middle East, in senior positions.

Digitalization & Control

StratecognRe advises the CEO of EESSTY S.A. on reengineering processes of the company along digitalisation lines, an engagement still in progress.

Food Production

StratecognRe produced a proposal of major actors in Greece, for the development of regional micro-food production and processing industry, in sustainability agricultural/industrial clusters, supported by an extensive logistics ecosystem abroad, submitted to the Ministry of Foods and Agricultural Development of Greece, for its consideration, which was very favourably received.

How we serve the above industries