Strategic Cognitive Rethinking

StratecognRE (Strategic Cognitive Rethinking) is a business development and strategy consulting company. We consult business, industry and regional government with a merchant banking mind, identifying opportunities and making them happen, through rethinking, re-inventing, funding and financing.


About Us

StratecognRE is characterised by a strong thinking-out-of-the-box mentality, daringness to be disruptive and very creative in rethinking, conceptualising anew, strategizing and planning. We are focusing on companies of a turnover between €20 Million and €100 Million bracket. Our clients tend to be ex-introvert-like companies, sometimes recently privatised, but wishing and willing to become paradigm extrovert ones. We assist clients overcoming challenges, as much of their business structures, as of their business mentality and business culture.


We specialise particularly in transport, tourism, renewable energy and regional development.


We develop applicable, results-oriented solutions tailored to each client & industry.


Our core team consists of industry experts, experienced executives and consultants who hail from heteregenous and complimentary backgrounds.

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We advise, assist and support formely introverted companies thrive in Greece.

At the crossroads of three continents, a global leader in shipping, tourism and human capital, Greece is rife with companies craving to enter the globalized New Economy, aiming to export & expand.

Seeing Globalization as an opportunity and not a threat.

StratecognRE is not fashed about globalisation nor the New Economy, such as the new forms of people-to-people, personal and professional, interfacing, interchanging and exchanging, in business, industry, knowledge, commerce and the international extrovert society. It welcomes them all. We see them not as challenges to our clients’ businesses, but as opportunities and chances for a fortuitous overcoming of their competitors. Globalisation, after all, now and through the millenniums, is nothing but the result of the advances in the technologies of transport and communications. If globalisation is felt more today, it is because these very advantages of these technologies, made all barriers, previously sustainable, disappear. And they have disappeared for ever. Globalisation is a phenomenon. Phenomena cannot be resisted. They are acknowledged, analysed, understood, accommodated and joined.


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